Some thoughts to share on our last day in Israel

14 03 2013

Today will be our last full day in Israel, and when we conclude our day’s tour events and head back to our hotel we will need to repack our luggage to prepare for our flight home. Then at some god awful hour of the evening, 2:30 A.M. I do believe, we will be awakened to begin our return trip home.

As I reflect back on our trip, I must say that it has been a truly remarkable, wonderful, and amazing experience. I genuinely wish that I could have done this earlier in my life, for me, and that I could have included what are now my adult children, at a time in their lives when they were as young as our daughter Zoë.

It has been so interesting and enlightening to see the places and the landscape of where the events of the scripture took place so very long ago. In many instances it was the closest that I have ever come to experiencing what having access to a time machine would be like.

There were those sites where I truly felt like, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I was walking on the ground that 2,000 years ago had been touched by the feet of Jesus. Particularly when I was at Capernaum and the Garden of Gethsemane (where several of the surviving olive trees are said to be over 2,000 years old).

But now, suddenly, it is 6:15 A.M. and I must begin to get ready for my final day of adventure. I will have to save this for now, and post it later when I get downstairs in the lobby and have free internet access (which is an aspect of this trip that I would tweak for next time, if I could, and will discuss about some more, later, in my next posting).




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14 03 2013
Nancy Wineland

So glad you and your family had such a remarkable Biblical experience! Great photos and memories to share.

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