Day 3, Itinerary

21 03 2013
Although I truly believe that our group had a wonderful trip to the Holy Land, and that our local travel agency did a fantastic job of both making all of the necessary arrangements for us and constantly making certain that we had all of our ducks in a row throughout our trip (in our dealings with custom agents, airport security, hotel management, etc,), I do wish that our Israeli tour company would have given us more input into our itinerary.
I confess that never having done anything like this before, that I was clueless into how this whole process works. When we first started putting this trip together I didn’t realize that it was at the Israeli end of the operation that our itinerary was being put together. So when I would ask our local travel agency questions about the flexibility of our itinerary, they were not really in a position to respond.
Our Day 3 itinerary was a good example of something that I would have liked to have had the chance to discuss and perhaps tweak before leaving for Israel. I believe that because our Day 3 was on a Friday, and that the Sabbath would begin late that afternoon at around sunset, that concerns about sites closing early in preparation for the Sabbath influenced our Day 3 itinerary selections.
I suspect that it was because of this that we went to visit the port city of Acre (Akko) in the afternoon on Friday. Because Acre was a non-Biblical site, there was no concern over it closing early in preparation for the Sabbath. However, for me, even though Acre was full of historic and extremely interesting, Crusader era, structures, and it was steeped in history from the Crusader era through the time of the British Mandate (including a visit from Napoleon somewhere in between), and even though it was an extremely picturesque Mediterranean port city, it was still a non-Biblical site. I, for one, would have preferred that we focused all of the stops on our itinerary, as much as possible, on Biblically related sites.
Now granted, I suspect that I am one of the few (if not only) members of our group who had any concerns or objections about including a visit to the city of Acre (Akko) on our itinerary, but for sake of future group trips to the Holy Lands, I would like to suggest, that providing for a pre-trip opportunity to discuss and have input into the trip’s itinerary would be a good thing to include in the trip package. I realize (now) that those of us going on the tour might not have the necessary insights into Sabbath Day issues or West Bank issues or any number of other Israeli concerns (myself included), but I do believe that going through the learning process would have ultimately enhanced the trip experience for everyone.  



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21 03 2013
Dennis Linn

So, did you detour the bus?

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